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Wood Management Advisers, a company which was founded to fulfill a need for suggestions and guidance about forming and operating businesses.  The founder, Allen Wood, Jr., often states that he is “the world’s worst manager, who has made practically every mistake possible in over 55 years in business.” 

His broad experience, however, has given him a formidable store of knowledge, appreciation of the landscape, and insight as to the potholes to avoid; he says that he has stepped into most, if not all, of them.  It is WMA’s goal to assist others in navigating the strange and sometimes mysterious world of management. 

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Each seminar is reasonably priced, consumes the better part of a single day, has a limited number of participants, and involves voluntary questions, comments, and suggestions from everyone in the room.  Finally, each participant has the option of obtaining a 100% refund of fees, if he or she is not satisfied with the seminar having been beneficial toward the furtherance of their professional goals.