Financial Analysis, Includes Dealing with Banks, Investors, and Business Planning

This seminar includes the following topics:

 I. Language of Business

a. Basic Accounting
b. Financial Statements

II.  Selected measures used by financial institutions and investors.

a.  Current Ratio
b.  Acid Test Ratio
d.  Price/Earnings (PE ratio)
e.  Burn rate (cash burn rate)
f.  Break Even point
g.  Return on Investment (ROI)
h.  Return on Equity (ROE)

III.  Business Plans and Projections 

IV.  Effects of changes in assets and liability structure on liquidity.

V.  Evaluating a company, factors:

a.  Market presence
b.  Tenure and reputation in market place
c.  Evaluation of personnel, who stays, etc.
d.  Potential expense savings after merger or purchase
e.  Potential revenue increases after merger or purchase
f.  Gross operating revenue multiples, less debt
g.  Net income revenue multiples, adjusted to projected, to develop ROI
h.  Assets at market value, less debt.
i.  Reviewing historical financial statements
j.  Reviewing historical tax returns